Fern Pavilion

Fern Pavilion

The Beauty and Sorrow of the Fern, a Hidden Flower Legend from Ancient Times.

A fern-like tale of the Thousand and One Nights, an epic ecological saga, a legendary and touching tale of poignancy!

The ferns, rising from 200 million years old plants, once dominated the earth as tall tree ferns. A comet changed the fate of the ferns and reduced them to the protagonists of the groundcover layer, and they suffered from the oppression of the flowering plants after the Cretaceous period of Renaissance of the botanical world, so they ran away from the forests, and they kept on searching for the exits of their lives in the torrent of evolution, and they carried the mission of inheritance, just like wandering wanderers in foreign countries, which is the destiny that ferns can never get rid of!

Ice Age-Taiwan, the Northern Return Route, a Refuge for Ice Age Organisms.

During the Ice Age, northern organisms migrated southward in a great exodus, and the Northern Corridor became a refuge for organisms. Taiwan is the most wonderful ecological island in East Asia; in the process of natural evolution, the ecological diversity of Taiwan's fern habitats has shown its most wonderful side.

At the end of the last Ice Age, temperate ferns moved to the middle and high altitude mountain areas, and tropical ferns from the south drifted into Taiwan with the southwest airflow, and gained a foothold in the low altitude environments of Chiayi, Pingtung, Hengchun, Taitung, and Hualien. The breath of spring awakens the long-staying earth, a living fern museum. From the seashore to the high mountains and cold plains, ferns try their best to grow and thrive on every inch of land, and in every fragrant corner, they start a splendid journey of life.