Fusen Holistic Ecological Wellness【Light and Tree Chapel】

Light and Tree Chapel

The key is the light

The curve is the full spectrum of sunlight divided into "Ultraviolet | Visible Light | Infrared". The tree is illuminated by the light, the source of light is God, God is love, and love is balance.

Full Spectrum Sunlight Curve

The so-called Shiny-leaved Evergreen Forest, is mainly composed of warm-temperate evergreen broad-leaved trees such as oak, camphor, and camellia, unique to East Asia. Because the leaves are shiny and reflect the sunlight, they are called "Shiny-leaved Evergreen Forest."

"Light and Tree Chapel"; and another name of Hayao Miyazaki is "Shoshitsu Mu."

Light and Tree Chapel


|Park Layout|
Park Layout Map
|What is Light and Tree|

This is a chapel built by light and trees, using simple materials combined with the natural landscape to create a sense of ritual.

We can hold services and prayers in this place full of grace, and of course, make vows of happiness here.


Sermon Area: 1 person

Poetry Area: 2 people

Performance Area: 2 people

Hymn Area: 4 people

Congregation Area: 35 people

Optimal Number: 44 people

(Can add stage, sound, and lighting according to the nature of the performance activity)

|A Brief Talk on Light and Tree|

Offering a gift of nature as an admission ticket, feel the grace from God, love, and balance.

Shine, root, blow, fall, absorb,

all these are cycles quietly walked through by Him and blessings given to each other.

At this moment, we stand on the land interwoven with light and shadow,

touching, listening, breathing, and witnessing all things.


Photos • 全光譜光羽藝文/朱啓光

Written by • 維誠/佩辰

Illustration • 彪彪 • https://reurl.cc/q0QLRg