Fusen Holistic Ecological Wellness【Yifang Theater】

Yifang Theater

"Yifang" naturally suggests "In Water."

Water is the carrier of all life, information, and even energy. It naturally carries our various "actions" and "being acted upon." We must find another you and return to the original point within, beyond right and wrong, wave and particle, line and circle.

Chasing a deer,

but being led to an unexpected place.

A shell opens itself to drink a drop of water,

and unexpectedly, it turns into a pearl.


Yifang Theater


|Park Layout|
Park Layout Map
|What is Yifang|

With the existing river channel, covering field thinking, plus occurring activities, it becomes a natural theater.

In daily life, this will be a theater with "water" as the main character, listening to a musical feast given to us by nature;

When cooperating with theater groups, this will be a place where theaters can be built. At this time, humanity and nature will combine into an unparalleled performance stage.


Area A: 10 people

Area B: 35 people

Area C: 55 people

Optimal number: 100 people

(Can add stage, sound, and lighting according to the nature of the performance activity)

|A Brief Talk on Yifang|

As the curtain rises, we follow the ripples,

being led into the embrace of "Yifang."

At this moment, the stage does not talk about time or place,

everything happens within our visible range.

Once the distance between us and it seemed like the other side of the water,

but now time softly breaks this barrier,

steps will follow the water flow, turning into a ripple,

eventually reuniting with the water.


Photos • 全光譜光羽藝文/朱啓光

Written by • 維誠/佩辰

Illustration • 彪彪 • https://reurl.cc/q0QLRg