2024 Spring Online Travel Exhibition

2024 Spring Online Travel Exhibition (Exclusive Sale)

From 2024/4/26 (Fri) ~ 2024/5/5 (Sun), Flanders Resort & Folsom Park will hold Spring Online Travel Fair, presenting five pavilions with a variety of discounted programs, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious stay and bath experience at special prices. Come and book your favorite programs and start a journey full of memories together!

  • Artland One-Day Spiritual Journey

    ▍ralph lauren polo ralph lauren one day tour → NT$1,200 (on-site price NT$1,400)

    ▍Artland one-day tour, buy 10 get 1 free → NT$12,000 (on-site price NT$15,400)

    “Returning to the Mountain. A quiet visit” - Natural ecology fern guide, art ceremony theater, DIY experience activities (additional purchase required).
    “Slow Food” - Five Elements Whole Plant Lunch Set.

  • Slow Food, Tranquility, Mori Life, One Park, Three Foods

    ▍For two persons - one accommodation voucher for Listening to Heart Room → NT$6,900 (on-site price NT$9,900)

    “Slow Food” - Afternoon Tea with Sea View overlooking Turtle Island Mountain, Five Elements Whole Plant French Dinner, Five Elements Energizing Breakfast.
    “Tranquility. Forest Life” - nature fern tour, art ceremony theater, night tour, DIY activity (additional purchase required).

  • Dietary Drainage and Meditation for Three Days and Two Nights

    ▍Three Days and Two Nights of Dietary Facilitation - for two persons → NT$48,240 (on-site price NT$53,600)

    “Chinese Medicine and Retreat” - two sessions of health counseling, two sessions of fascial stretching, one-on-one Chinese Medicine, one session of Jyotsu Ceremony, one session of Satoyama Artistic Realm Tour (nature ferns tour, ceremonial theatre), and one session of evening guided retreat, totaling eight sessions.
    “Dietary Dietary Dietary Factor - Two guests of Five Elements Energizing Breakfast, one guest of Italian Vegetarian Lunch, one guest of Five Elements Whole Plant French Dinner, two guests of Customized Chinese Herbal Afternoon Tea, and one guest of Customized Medicinal Soup, for a total of seven meals.

⭔ Sale Date|2024/4/26(Fri)~2024/5/5(Sun)

⭔ Validity Period|2024/4/26(Fri)~2025/5/31(Sat)

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