Nature Tour Group

Nature Tour Group

Mr. K.Y. Ko will take you on a wild trip to the Northeast Coast!
Our soul man, Mr. K.Y. Ko.

From 1982 to now, he has been working in the field of marine, animal and plant ecology, tourism and leisure. He was called the “Governor of Taiwan Tourism” by the media and readers when he worked as a travel reporter for the China Times, and he has written more than 10 books on tourism. 2019, he became the ecological consultant of the Flanders Group, and has been conducting surveys on wildlife, insects, and plants, as well as training for guided tours.

Activity Time

| First Tier: March 15, 16
| Second Tier: May 17, 18

Price | Special price for two persons per room NT$ 4700/room (NT$ 2,350/person)

Come on, let's play!
There are only 20 places in each tier.🔥

Time | April 26 & 27, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

The ordering URL is here. Reservation Line 02-25771589, 03-9772168